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There are two crucial things that R & A Dentistry has built its success on: teamwork and patient-centered philosophy of the practice.

Everyone here at R & A is very passionate about dentistry and the dental services they provide to our valued patients. For our team, it continues to be the driving force of our professional lives.  We cherish our patients and each other as friends and family, creating a comfortable environment and pleasant experience for everyone.

As a team we sincerely respect your opinion, desires and concerns. By using individualized approach to every single patient, you will be heard!

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I am very pleased with R&A dentistry and it’s staffs. Dr. Ania is very thorough. She explained my X-rays and answered every questions that I had about my teeth, along with follow up emails. The staffs are very friendly, welcoming, and always do their best to work around my busy schedule. I am so grateful to Dr. Ania and her team for their kindness and for always making my visits so wonderful. I highly recommend R&A dentistry.
Sneha Boodhun
Sneha Boodhun
14:43 01 Oct 18
Dental Implants at R&A Dentistry: Finally have my new crowns fitted - two molars that were done roughly around the same time. Be prepared that the process takes several appointments over several months to prepare your jaw bone to receive the implant, then for the implant to heal, then get your crowns fitted. Dr. Rustam will explain every part of the procedure in detail and ensures you understand how it feels and how it will heal. The result: my new implants feel great! They are, technically foreign objects in the mouth and take a couple of weeks to settle down. You will get information on how to maintain the new implants with daily cleaning. They look great, fit really well, and the best part is being able to chew and enjoy your food again! Thanks Dr Rustam, Connie and the rest of the great staff at R&A!read more
Stu Cox
Stu Cox
18:18 07 Sep 18
This is a very professional dental clinic. The staff are amazing and so friendly every time I go. They remember small parts of my life that I have shared in past visits and that goes a long way to making me feel more comfortable when I go to the dentist (cause most people dred going to the dentist). They are always on time, thorough, and do great work. No complaints 👍🏻
Curtis McKillop
Curtis McKillop
04:08 30 Aug 18
I am a new patient of R&A Dentistry and I am so happy that I switched from my previous dental office. Dr Ania & Dr Rustam are both very skilled and they really care about their patients. All of the staff at R&A Dentistry are amazing! Their fees are reasonable compared to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide and I like that their team always obtains an estimate from my dental insurance before commencing any procedures. I like the convenient location too.
Gina Thornton Hastie
Gina Thornton Hastie
23:08 24 Aug 18
I am very pleased with these wonderful doctors and all the staff working in this clinic. My boy always talks about Dr. Ania and he still asks me when we go to visit the dentist. I am very happy that I have come across such good people with such familiar behavior.
Golban Diana
Golban Diana
22:48 24 Sep 18
The absolute most caring, kind and professional dentist I have had. Always a pleasure to see everyone. The staff are so, so wonderful and inviting. Very clean, organized and always the best work on my teeth!
Carissa Morgan
Carissa Morgan
19:22 20 Sep 18
I used to use the traditional way to find my dentists, which was by a friend’s recommendation. The result? One of my teeth got pulled out unnecessarily, so I decided to pause my procedures. When I started to choose a dentist for me and my daughter, I decided to look for a highly-rated dentist online. That’s how I found R&A Dentistry. I love how they lay out what they are planning to do step by step, as I’ve never had any other dentist make sure I was on board with the procedure. It’s also great that they use pictures and CTs to make sure I know the reason behind what they’re doing. Also, when I have two choices, they lay out the pros and cons and respect me to make my own decision instead of forcing me to choose one. Once this choice is made, they will do their best to be careful and precise with the procedure to benefit me in the long term. It feels like they treat me like they’re treating their own family member! Plus, not only is Dr. Ania and Dr. Rustam extremely friendly and good at their job, but everyone I met at the R&A Dentistry were as well. Now I know why the reviews are all 5 stars! ★★★★★read more
Mark Zhong
Mark Zhong
00:41 29 Oct 18
For the last 15 years I was searching for reliable, professional, knowledgeable and committed to their client’s needs dentist in Calgary. I used my network for advise, tried hi-rated dentists in Calgary, but after each visit there was always something I wasn't satisfied with. R & A Dentistry is my fifth dentist provider in Calgary that I tried and so far the Best. I’m just amazed by their quality of work. What is really important to me they put the soul into their clients and what they perform. There is no pain, no issues, everything is smooth and sound.I had cleaning done as well here and was explained and educated how to correctly do hygiene that will long term be more beneficial both for my health and my wallet.Right after me my wife and my son came to R&A Dentistry too and had supreme care as well.All medical personnel are very amicable and always ready to help in the best way they can.We will definitely stay with R&A Dentistry and wish them all the Best!!!read more
Stan B.
Stan B.
20:45 29 Oct 18
Rustam and Anya are great! After I moved to Canada I had a lot of work done and they always took great care of me. They always take the time to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed - and are never rushing their work. I can highly recommend them!
Daan Stehouwer
Daan Stehouwer
21:52 13 Nov 18
I had a tooth extraction and gum grafting done by Dr. Ania, after leaving my previous dentist. I initially came for a second opinion, but decided I like the R and A clinic much better.I was very nervous - this is quite the adult tooth we're talking about (picture attached for the strong of stomach). I also had quite the infection going underneath it, thanks to a cracked tooth that had a root canal but wasn't treated in years. Dr. Ania clearly explained to me what happened and what her recommendations were. I was very happy how she outlined my options and gave me her recommendations. I am also very pleased with how easy it was to set up my student insurance (just needed to provide my details to the front desk lady) and how easy it was for the clinic to obtain my previous x-rays (again, just signed a form at the front desk).All in all, very pleased with my experience. Best of all was the personal touch - Dr. Ania made sure that I felt taken care off even when I left the clinic by sending me an email a few days later, making sure I was healing alright!read more
Eric E
Eric E
03:48 15 Nov 18

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