About us

R & A Dentistry was “born” in 2013 in the Mission area of Calgary when Dr. Rustam Mamiashev and Dr. Anna Mamiasheva moved and settled down in Alberta. Dr. Rustam and Dr. Anna were lucky and happy to “inherit” this wonderful Dental Practice from Dr. Anthony T. Knight, an excellent dentist, enthusiastic person and unique traveller.

As Dr. Knight,  Dr. Mamiashev and Dr. Mamiasheva share same philosophy, principles and values in both life and dentistry. They are very simple: be kind, be considerate to people and be giving back to the community! Their goal is to create rapport and trust with people. They believe in transparent, honest, long-term relationships with their patients!

There are two crucial things that R & A Dentistry success is built on: teamwork and patient-centered philosophy of the practice. Everyone here is very passionate about the dentistry they provide to our valued patients. For our team, it continues to be the driving force of our professional lives.  We cherish our patients and each other as friends creating comfortable environment and pleasant experience. Also, we sincerely respect your opinion, desires and concerns using individualized approach to every single patient! You will be heard!